Sunday, July 13, 2008

858 Tucker Road Farm... June 2008 Post

A new farm is springing forth at 858 Tucker Road. We are renting land from the Dominican Sisters of Hope; taking old hay and silage fields and bringing them into the realm of vegetables. As we get the farm off the ground, we'll add sporadic updates to the blog to share the news.

Our main focus for 2008 will be to begin to rebuild the soil fertility after years of continuous corn silage. We'll rely on green manures, compost, rock mineral fertilizers, fish meal and other natural fertilizers to stimulate the biological activity of the soil. We'll also be taking steps to begin to balance the nutrients in the soil, providing the optimum growing conditions for our crops.

This season, we have seeded a good portion of the land into oats, clover, and vetch to start rebuilding the soil. We'll be growing an assortment of vegetables on a small scale and will look to market our crops locally in Dartmouth and New Bedford.

We are still contemplating farm names for the new venture, waiting until we have spent a bit of time on the land before we rush to give it a formal name.

Check back soon for more news on the farm...

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